My Voice is aimed at empowering community leaders of the future. As the UK enters uncertain times. What is certain is that communities will need more regional and community leaders to come forward to positively impact their local communities in the face of social division.

These leaders will need the training and tools to allow them to deal with issues and become effective leaders. The My Voice project is running courses across the nation to find these future leaders and empower them by giving them workshops on:

  • Contemporary far right extremism
  • Inequality
  • Community Activism
  • Gender
  • Integration

The workshops will be two hours long and led by experts in these field. We are calling on participants who are interested in having a long term impact on their community, are enthusiastic about social issues and reform, seeking to increase their knowledge on vital issues and want to learn and develop their leadership skills.

Participants will be invited to future programmes to engage with policy makers.