Faith communities have been a beacon of hope to many, they continue to sustain us, encourage us to reach out to the vulnerable, isolated and offer support to those in need.

As faith leaders we have a moral responsibility to ensure our members and their families are safe and well, physically, mentally and financially.

Over the last year, the vast majority of our places of worship strictly adhered to all Government guidelines, ensuring social distancing was observed, hand sanitation was provided and clear signs installed.

Community members received communications as to how to be safe when attending  religious services and  even when many of our community buildings were closed; places of worship stayed connected to members online.

Circumstances are still very challenging for many of us, however the roll out of the vaccine has given us all hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Faiths Forum for London want to help ensure that your community knows why the vaccination is important, which is currently available to the most vulnerable in our society and how it will save the lives of our members and
their loved ones.

We want to reinforce this and reiterate the importance of staying at home during the National lockdown, wearing face masks, social distancing and regular hand washing.

To promote this, we are offering faith communities:

● Support to make a short video, to promote the importance of the
vaccine with digital marketing assistance
● Support to enable you to produce flyers/leaflet in different community

● IT support such as the use of zoom and social media tools
● Arrange webinars on the vaccine with talks by key members of your
● Templates of flyers to be adapted
● Support with fundraising for communications, to suit the needs of your

We must all follow Government guidelines and stay home during this National lockdown to save lives and promote the roll out of the vaccine and debunk myths where necessary.

We have all been affected by the pandemic but remember, we are in this together, and we shall all come out of this together, stronger.

We are particularly interested in supporting your communities that might be harder to reach. The funding to support this offer is limited and the project has finite timings, please apply for assistance.