On Sunday 24th October 2021, the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (ZTFE) held a symposium where the emergent property of the Wisdom of 9 World Faiths was shared by distinguished interfaith panellists, followed by an inspiring presentation from the keynote speaker, Dr. (Ms.) Rashneh N. Pardiwala.

Each panellist highlighted their scriptures / holy texts, which all pointed towards progress together with each other and nature being at the core. The concept depicted in the logo – a fellowship of people supporting each other around the world sharing and caring for the interconnected air, water, land, biodiversity and peoples was discussed.

The panellists from the 9 World Faiths were:

1) Baha’i – Carl Murrel and Rosleny Ubinas

2) Buddhist – Don De Silva, Rumela Kundu

3) Christian –  Reverend Bonnie Evans Hills

4) Hindu – Dr. R. D Pattni, OBE,  Mrs. Trupti ben Patel, Avnish Thakrar

5) Jain – Mehool Sanghrajka MBE , Kevalee Shah, Jaineel Shah

6) Jewish – Leonie Lewis MBE, Andrea Passe

7) Muslim – (Shaykh Mohammad Yazdani Raza), Yusuf Obaid

8) Sikh – Ravinder Kaur Nijjar, Harpreet Kaur Bains BEM

9) Zoroastrian –  Ervad Yazad Unwalla, Mr. Rohinton Rivetna, Dr. Behram Pastakia


Click HERE to watch a recording of the symposium.