Women’s Leadership Programme


The Muslim Women’s Leadership Programme seeks to provide support and development for Muslim women from diverse backgrounds  to empower them to work both in their community and into wider civic society.

Final session in Birmingham, February 2017 

dsc_0257To conclude The Women’s leadership programme, the last session which took place in Birmingham covered the different ways the programme has impacted the women.

It also focused on how what has been learnt over the last few months, can be put into practice, by working on issues within their community.


“I have got a huge support network, I have met amazing women who are buzzing with ideas and proves that women can have it all.”

Nisa Nashim Synagogue Visit, January 2017 


As part of the programme, Nisa-Nashim organised a leadership training. Some context was given, it included a tour of the synagogue and how it functions.

In the afternoon, there was a talk on ‘building resilience’ and discussion on the role of men in faith institutions . The group looked at practical ways to move forward, including planning for the final meeting with a view to have tangible outcomes such as participating and promoting Sadaqa Day activities and Big Iftar events.

Aya Bdaiwi, Project Manager at Faiths Forum for London, attended the event and wrote about her experience of attending a synagogue for the first time.


Ammerdam Retreat Weekend, November 2016 

A group of Muslim women participated in the Muslim Women’s Leadership Programme, general issues relevant to participants were discuss, including matters relating to Islamic faith institutions and places of worship.

The group acknowledged that despite other pieces of work being done in the past, never has a group like this of just women,all of whom are already active and involved in their communities, been brought together
to discuss the topics in that much depth.

Participants were of a wide age range; from 25 to 55 years old, and a spread of representation from different parts of the country.

Practical steps from issues raised during the programme were suggested and discussed to inform next steps of the programme.


“It has been so important to bring a group of Muslim women like this together, we want more of the same and looking forward to what we can achieve together.”