in News September 24, 2018

Calling on Young People for Research

The Faiths Forum for London is recruiting up to 20 young people (aged between 18 and 29) to be sessional peer researchers on a groundbreaking London project which will involve a listening exercise to hear the views of young people on:

  • Stopping the spread of hatred and of extremist ideologies
  • Safeguarding the vulnerable
  • Strengthening London’s minority and marginalised communities

The research will be primarily fed into the review and the design of the Mayor of London’s Counter Violent Extremism Programme. Being a peer researcher will involve talking and listening to young people about their experiences of being in London.

Is this project for me or the young people I work with?

We do not expect researchers to have done anything like this before. You will be given training and be supported to undertake the research – this is also about building your skills and confidence and we want to support you to do that.

Who should apply?

We are looking for young people who have an interest in

  • Strengthening opportunities for young people
  • tackling hatred and extremism
  • creating safe spaces for young people
  • social cohesion and integration

We believe the following are the  qualities of a peer researcher, the ideal peer researcher will:

  • Be committed and reliable
  • Be passionate about the project
  • Be a good listener
  • Treat others in a non-judgemental way
  • Understand the importance of boundaries and be comfortable to ask for support
  • Be keen to learn new skills
  • Have discretion and ability to maintain confidentiality

No previous research or work experience is necessary

Peer researchers will receive full training and support to undertake research We know this may be new to people and want to help develop and support people in undertaking the research.

What will we do with the research?

The report will support the London Mayor’s Countering Violent Extremism Review and inform future programmes, we believe the findings will feed into other important areas of work including social integration, hate crime strategy, and the broader youth participation and community safety policies.

The Mayor of London is keen to seriously review CVE practices and build a more effective strategy to enhance capabilities to enhance safeguarding and prevent the spread of extremism.  By being a peer researcher you can ensure that young voices are at the heart of recommendations for making a change at a local, regional and national level.


The research programme will start at the end of September and the first phase is expected to end of November. Each peer researcher will be paid the London Living Wage (£10.20 per hour).

Next Steps

We are running our next induction session on Sunday 30th September. If you are interested please email for further details. 

The induction session will explain the purpose of the research and train you up how to conduct it.


in News September 24, 2018