Our Interfaith Tree Planting Project funded by The Mayor of London has been a huge success since its launch in 2017.  Climate change is a huge and complex issue and, as individuals, we can feel helpless. But there is something we can do – and that’s planting trees. This month, we have organised a number of tree planting initiatives across London Boroughs for the community to attend. See a list of upcoming events below:


  • Wednesday 4th March 2020 @10am – Brentford Guaging Lock, Meet at Canalside of Holiday Inn Brentford Lock, Commerce Road, London TW8 8GA



  • Thursday 5th March 2020 @10am – Whitmore Road, meet and Canalside at the Barge House Restaurant, 46a De Beaviour Cres, De Beaviour Town London N1 5RY


  • Thursday 5th March 2020 @12pm – Meet on towpath by Rosemary Branch Bridge, junction of Baring Street/Shepperton Road/Southgate Road N1 3DS


  • Thursday 5th March 2020 @10am – Dunston Road (floating), meet at canal towpath under Haggerston Road Bridge E8 4JB



  • Thursday 5th March 2020 @14:00 – Danbury Street, meet at top of Danbury Street ramp, N1 8LD



  • Thursday 5th March 2020 @10am –  Stockley Park, Site at junction of Grand Union Canal Walk/Weston, accessed of Horton Road, Stockley Park, meet at canal towpath, Iron Bride Road, North Bridge, UB11 1BF


  • Thursday 5th March 2020 @13:00 – Hillingdon Cowley Mill Road, meet at canal towpath, near junction of Cowley Mill Road/Wallingford Road UB8 2GT


  • Thursday 5th March 2020 @14:30 – Hillingdon Culvert Lane, meet in front of 36 Culvert Lane UB8 2BX

Tower Hamlets

  • Monday 16th March @10:00am –  Parnell Road (floating) meet in front of Canal Cottages, canal side off Parnell Road, London E3 2JU


  • Monday 16th March @13:00 – Commercial Road/Salmon Lane (floating), meet at Commercial Road Lock, opposite the London Language Foundation, 602 Commercial Road, E14 7LE


  • Wednesday 11th March @10am – Hanwell Flight, offside in Park, meet at Lock 92 Hanwell Flight – accessed from Three Bridges, Windmill Lane UB2 4NH


  • Wednesday 11th March @10am – Granary Square (floating), meet at Goods Way mooring, under Granary Square Bridge, Goods Way N1C 4PQ


  • Thursday 12th March @10am – Meet at junction of Capital Ring path and Cool Oak Lane, NW9 7AB


  • Friday 13 March @11:00am – Westminster Great Western Studios, meet on towpath in front of Brindley House, accessed through estate off Alfred Road W2 5ET


  • Friday 13th March @12:00 – Westminster Westbourne Green offside, Barnwood Close (floating) meet at Grand Junction cafe at St Mary Magdalene Church W2 5TF