The Jewish Volunteering Network and Faith Society Ltd partnered with Faiths Forum and led an event celebrating the contributions made by different faith groups to the volunteering sector.

The Jewish Volunteering Network have recently launched their report on volunteering, celebrating the contributions made by the Jewish Community and beyond. Click here to read the full report.

The event to celebrate the launch of the report took place at the Houses of Parliament with other  faith charities and volunteering networks. It was an opportunity to discuss how volunteering and giving back to society is embedded within their faiths, as well as to celebrate he vast amount of contributions that they had made.

Stephen Timms MP elaborated on how “It is only really our faith communities who are offering any meaningful help to people struggling through food poverty and they should be acknowledged and thanked”. Principally acknowledging the importance of local communities and faith organisations that encourage teachings and beliefs that inspire cohesive community binds.

The effect that grassroots communities have on making an enormous difference and come in to give the right resources needed to allow the efficacy of communities, all through the hard work of volunteers.

Bilal Hassam (British Muslim TV) spoke how it is different faith organisations that enable a breakthrough in harsh predicaments. He references how it was churches who had kept their doors open during the Rwanda genocide and it is faith that ‘keeps giving’.

All these faiths organisations who are all bound together by the one common principle of collective humanism, that serve local communities. Frances Novillo of Watford Town Centre for Chaplaincy, whose volunteers are motivated by their Christian faith and Daniel Levy of JVN motivated by “Tikkun Olam”, a Jewish belief on repairing the world; are all key virtues that had led to a series of benefits to communities.

Other noted speakers included Dr. Deesha Chadha, from Hindu Forum Britain and how the community had recently come together to encourage a blood drive for people to sign up to the bone marrow register, Dr. Sumjit Gill from City Sikhs discussed the British Sikh Report and raising awareness of mental health within the Punjabi community.

Maurice Ostro OBE, concluded the event by thanking all the contributors and organisers including Leonie Lewis MBE and Warwick Hawkins.