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in News December 11, 2018

Climate Law’s Tenth Birthday Celebrated by Faith Leaders and MPs

Last week, faith leaders and MPs came together to celebrate a decade since the Climate Change Act came onto the statute book. High profile speakers like actor Lily Cole and author Farhana Yamin joined politicians at Parliament to recognise the ten years since the Act was implemented to tackle climate change. The science is clear… Read more

in News November 22, 2018

Wakefield Celebrates Mawlid for the First Time

Last weekend, communities around Wakefield gathered in the Cathedral precinct to mark the Islamic festival of Mawlid. Mawlid is the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.   The festival, observed by praising Allah, fasting, poetry, family gatherings and the decoration of streets and homes, is celebrated in 27 regions throughout the UK. In Birmingham an annual public procession takes place, drawing thousands of Muslim worshippers.   However,… Read more

in News October 8, 2018

Exploring The Beauty Of Britain’s Oldest Mosque

In 1889, Dr Gottleib Wilhelm Leitner constructed the first purpose-built mosque in Britain. The Shah Jahan Mosque, located in Woking, Surrey, is replete with intricate design, grand minarets, and bold flourishes across the place of worship. It is currently the only Grade 1 listed mosque in the UK. While it is aesthetically beautiful, the story… Read more

in News August 22, 2018

21 Leaders for the 21st Century: A Project Promoting Understanding and Cooperation Between Faiths

Image: A Faiths Forum for London interfaith event from earlier this year. Faiths Forum for London is dedicated to bringing different faiths together, fostering understanding between people and forming lifelong friendships. We organise projects and events that give the participants the chance to learn from one another, no matter their faith. We firmly believe that… Read more