in News February 28, 2017

Supporting Volunteers in your Faith Institution

Volunteering is an integral part of giving back to the wider society; recent studies have shown that volunteering is linked to happy and healthier benefits and has been proven to reduce stress.

It allows you to practice your existing skills as well as developing new ones; as part of a more effective governance system, it is important for faith institutions to provide volunteering opportunities for the local community. 

Strengthening Faith Institutions and The Jewish Volunteering Network, came together to deliver a workshop on how faith institutions can create more opportunities for volunteers within the local community.


The session covered the following:

  • The different ways faith institutions can promote volunteering;
  • the legal requirements and safeguarding policies that need to be implemented; and
  • how to strengthen community integration and cohesion.

The event was a great success as it attracted people from different backgrounds, trustees as well as local community members.


Saj Amin, a trustee of Khizra Mosque, Manchester said:

“It is vitally important for institutions to remain compliant with new legislation, and see best practice in other faiths, this is why this program is so relevant to myself and my fellow trustees. Strengthening Faith Training allows us all to serve the community well.”

in News February 28, 2017