Strengthening Faith Institutions Network

Creating stronger, healthier, integrated and accessible places of worship across the UK for everyone.

What is the Strengthening Faith Institutions Network?

Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI) is a pilot programme backed by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and run by a consortium of faith based charities led by the Fayre Share Foundation.


Why is it worthwhile to run a Health-Check Scheme for my faith institution?

SFI will support your organisation with a bespoke health-check to maximise your  objectives, and provide focused training for your leadership team, trustees, and members in core areas of safeguarding, security, governance, funding and other areas of need.

This is package worth £1,500, offered for free to faith institutions.

We need more programmes like this one. Much that was previously obscure has begun to make sense.
Ahmed Sarman, Trustee, Manchester Somali Islamic Cultural Trust
About the SFI governance training:
The best use of my 6 hours for a long time. Thank you.
Sukhbir Singh, Trustee

Funding for your Faith Institution

Did you know that your Church, Mosque, Temple or other place of worship are entitled to mainstream funding? Are you aware that you need certain governance, safeguarding and other policies in place to access mainstream funding?
If you want to start a youth, women’s or educational project but don’t have the funds available, we can help you apply for funding by making sure you have the right governance and foundations to apply.

As we know, there are ‘certain’ pressure groups who are campaigning to close down places of worship without the necessary governance. We help to prepare these places of worship to be fully prepared with their paper-work and policies in place to avoid any unforeseen issues.

How SFI Works

The Scheme has two parts:

  1. Bespoke health check:
    Local faith based expert facilitators engage with the senior management of your church, temple, synagogue, mosque, and gurdwara to identify the key organisational strengths and areas for improvement. The facilitator will create a bespoke action plan that works for your community and resources.
  2. Training sessions:
    Targeted training for senior management, clergy and volunteers in your local area. Topics will include: financial sustainability, good governance, fundraising, social media, safeguarding, and more.

Who delivers the SFI scheme?

SFI has created a network of trained facilitators throughout the UK with expertise in third-sector organisations and sensitivity to faith issues.
We seek to match each organisation with a local facilitator who shares the faith and ethos of the organisation.


Would you like to register your place of worship as a potential candidate for the programme? Or find out more about the process. Please contact