Equally Ours brings together people working across equality, human rights and social justice to make a reality of these in everyone’s lives. They have just opened signups for their 2020 Communications for Change trainings! These workshops are particularly aimed at small voluntary sector organisations working in London, and those with lived experience of poverty or inequality are particularly encouraged to attend.

The Communications for Change 1 workshop will give you a broad grounding in strategic communications theory. Public opinion matters because it influences policy and behaviour, so it will give you the tools to think through how your organisation communicates, who you’re reaching, and how this is affecting their deeper attitudes and actions over the long term; using real world examples and exercises to help you put strategic communications into practice in your own work.

In other words, to communicate for change. The free one-day training will give you a broad grounding in the theory and practice of this approach.

Choose a date to sign up for here.