As London faith representatives, our united minds, hearts and prayers are with everyone in Grenfell Tower and with the families and friends of all those, who are impacted.

Our deep gratitude to the emergency services, who continue to respond swiftly. We are also with all those from faith networks and communities, who are working tirelessly to provide immediate support.

We urge swift action to rehouse the homeless, in consultation with them, rather than send them to cheaper places far from London.

The death toll mounts every day and it is uncertain whether all the victims can be identified. Whilst addressing immediate needs, we also stress the need to set immediate action to provide counselling and support services to ensure health and well being to all those who are suffering, particularly the children. The long-term consequences need to be addressed now.

Full investigations will be underway. We urge that these are undertaken with integrity, in an open and accountable manner.

Faiths Forum for London Council


The London Resilience Partnership Strategic Coordination Group has informed us that a humanitarian assistance group is now being formed which will coordinate the offers of help.

A message which is coming through at the moment is that it would be better to wait with donations and gifts until need is clear and things can be properly handled.

You can register your offers of help using the following link.

They will then come back when they are in a position to receive them effectively.