Through its large network of religious leaders and scholars, The Faiths Forum for London has access to general and detailed information about many different  faith communities and expertise on specific issues such as extremism or mental health. This means that we can offer tailored ‘religious literacy’ training to public sector organisations such as local authorities or police forces, helping them to understand how religious faith impacts on their work and service users.

For instance, Faiths Forum for London have recently been commissioned by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to prepare and deliver a one-day course examining how people of different faith groups are impacted by the criminal justice system. Accompanying written materials are being created, summarising the basic beliefs of major religious traditions and describing how faith is manifested in the CPS working environment and is relevant to the work of the Courts. The course is being  led by Strategic Adviser Warwick Hawkins and Senior Consultant Solicitor, Ifath Nawaz.