On Friday, we witnessed a shocking and horrifying attack across Paris. The whole nation’s thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims.

Today “We All Are Parisians”.

People across our country, whatever background they are from, will be united in condemning this attack and we will stand together, as we always do, in our response. This year has not been easy. Tragically, we have seen thousands more people from all walks of life become victims of terrorism. We have also seen the impact of the conflicts.

This year marked the 10 years since 7/7 and these attacks show us that terrorists still continue to plan and carry out attacks against people regardless of their race, religion, gender or social circumstance.

Mustafa Field MBE, Director, Faiths Forum for London said:
“Our thoughts are with the victims. As faith communities we have rejected the terrorists, the emptiness of their words and the futility of their actions. They have nothing to offer the world. Those who seek to divide society will not succeed. We will not be divided, we will unite Demonstrating our united and shared values is the best way to respond to those who seek to disunite us.”

Jasvir Singh, Co-Chair, Faiths Forum for London said:
“Our resilience as Europeans has shown that that destructive actions have only brought communities closer together. Our common humanity, our spirit of community, the values we share as human beings, will give us the strength to confront those who seek to divide rather than unite us, now and in the future.”

Archdeacon, Paul Wright, Co-Chair, Faiths Forum for London said:
“We will continue to stand together in troubled times, we are all Parisian. Only together can we work to build communities whose unity honours the memory of the victims of Paris and victims of conflicts and terror around the world.”