In 2018, Faiths Forum launched its first ever ‘Democracy Week’ campaign initiated by the Cabinet office and the National Democracy Week Council. The aim of the one week programme is to encourage young people aged between 18-25, who are often the most apathetic towards politics and who feel like they do not have a voice to engage in the democratic process.

The workshops seek to enhance and expand their skills, development and knowledge which include: 

  • Leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Strategic Communication, led by PR experts
  • Government structures, led by senior civil servants 
  • How to run a successful social justice campaign
  • Engagement with policy advisers in the Cabinet Office and No. 10

The week is then concluded by the young people being split into groups to create a campaign about a topic of their choice, utilising all that they have learnt. Examples include issues such as gender equality and combating knife crime. Ideas were presented as well as reflections from the week of the skills gained to demonstrate their development and growth throughout the course to become aspiring young leaders of the future.

Preparations for the third year running are already underway!