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Organisation Health Assessment

Faith institutions play an important role in the general resilience and health of communities. Yet given the number of challenges that they face, faith institutions and places of worship more specifically, often need support in reaching their maximum potential in serving the communities and neighbourhoods that they aspire to benefit.

This project, funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government, is a pilot scheme that aims to support places of worship in the UK by conducting an organisational ‘health assessment’ and helping institutions to find ways of building a more robust and firm footing.

60 places of worship will be covered in this pilot phase, starting with an emphasis on self-assessment along the lines of the ten areas outlined below.

Beyond this, a group of consultants will be trained to provide one-to-one support to Trustees and senior personnel in places of worship in order to help build stronger institutions. This will be done in a way that is accessible, user-friendly, and institution-centred so that each consultant tailors the advice given based on the specific needs of any given institution. We will also provide further support, training, and signposting to institutions in order to help them improve their working policies and practices.

We believe this type of support is important in enhancing the effectiveness and long-term sustainability of places of worship. The long-term vision is also to raise the level of standards and help to build a culture of self-reliance, self-assessment and self-regulation, working in a grassroots and institution led approach, that can avoid and pre-empt the need for top-down legislative measures to impose standards on the sector.

in Uncategorized November 3, 2016