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New Grant to host a Big Iftar


Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI) along with the International Centre for Integration & Cohesion (ICIC) are offering Grants of up to £500 for Faith Institutions to organise a Big Iftar event in their community, this Ramadan 2017 which runs from May 27th – June 25th (days vary depending on sighting of the moon).  

What is The Big Iftar?

The Big Iftar is a community lead initiative that enables people from diverse backgrounds to meet and enjoy traditional and delicious food in an atmosphere of friendship and hospitality. The events are an opportunity for people to come together, create new friendships and learn from each other.  

Click here to find out more. 

What is an Iftar?

Iftar is the special daily meal at the end of each day when fasting finishes. Each country and culture has its own special traditions during Ramadan and different foods are eaten around the world. We believe Britain’s varied and diverse Muslim communities very much reflect that, and emphasise projects.

Eligibility to receive the Grant

  • Need to be a Faith Institution
  • Carry out an Iftar in your local community to invite your neighbours.

To apply and be considered for the grant, please download the form: big-iftar-grant-questionaire. Once completed,  email it to

The ideas that are simple, creative and bring different communities together in a meaningful way are likely to win.

Deadline 3rd June


in News May 10, 2017

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