My Voice Project

On a daily basis young Muslims fall victims to the propaganda and ideologies of hate propagated by Daesh sympathisers and far-right extremists. The voices of young Muslims are not heard and drowned by polarising groups whose extreme ideas are trying to divide our communities.

We will not allow prejudice, hate and discrimination to break our communities!

The Faiths Forum for London works to empower faith communities, by providing a platform to build capabilities and relationships, with important stakeholders, ranging from Government to social media giants like Twitter, senior faith leaders, policymakers and think tanks.

The “My Voice” project will act as a platform to equip young Muslim with the knowledge and skills to amplify their voices to be heard more effectively and empower them to address the issues that matter to them whilst challenging bigotry, hatred and division.

This programme has been designed and developed by practitioners from diverse faith traditions. A core component of the training will be underpinned by an  informed understanding of integration, inequality, radicalisation and sectarianism. It will be complemented with professional media, PR and strategy training to enhance strategic and rapid action and communication. This will provide participants with an insight on how to drive online and real-life campaigns, about important issues they care about.

After completing the training, participants of the My Voice project will be invited to lead on campaigns and to meet policymakers from Downing Street, The Home Office, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government officials, and experts in leading PR firms and civil society leaders.

The My Voice project’s first destination was at Minhaj-ul-Quran, Newham which was a one day intensive training programme.