In the developing world, each and every individual is becoming more engaged with the digital world and its needs. Though businesses and other organisations have the resources to fund and understand how to best utilise this space, it has been incredibly difficult for such resources to be funded for by faith based institutions. As there is such a dire need, this workshop provided faith institutions with the basic needs to effectively use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The training provided attendees with an insightful and detailed understanding of the tools of each social media platform. For example, as a faith institution you will need to decide whether a Facebook page or group is more appropriate for your institution.


Some of the pros of a Facebook page are that:

  • It is much easier to update; and
  • it acts as a website page and provides basic features a website contains such as photos, videos and posts can act as a blog section.

The con of a Facebook page is that it is more difficult to build a reach at first. But the Facebook Marketing Tool,  allows you to spend money to enable Facebook to spread your message.

The session also covered how to use tools such as Facebook live streaming which is helpful for occasions such as streaming sermons.

A press release is one of the most important tool to connect with the media, it is an official statement, given to media outlets about some particular news. Some of the basic rules for writing a press release is to:

  • have a newsworthy story,
  • bold headline,
  • be concise, and
  • include clear pictures if available.

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