In June 2019, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan published the final report from his Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Programme after the delivery of the most comprehensive city-wide engagement exercise in this policy area ever. This report “A Shared Endeavour” includes 70 recommendations which will improve and renew countering extremism delivery in London across the key areas of Strengthening communities against extremism, Encouraging Londoners to stand up to hate and intolerance, Safeguarding vulnerable Londoners from radicalisation and Stopping the spread of extremist ideologies.

To most effectively counter extremism all in society must work together as a shared endeavor. The challenge from hate, intolerance and extremism and moreover the solution to these issues is often best understood by the community groups working at a hyper-local level. These organisations are at the coalface of London’s diverse communities and have the insight, traction and skills to make a real difference. They often serve those that are most impacted, and they can reach into marginalised audiences who ordinarily would be unlikely to engage with the authorities.

The Mayor’s CVE Programme found that communities and civil society want to play a bigger role in standing up to hate, intolerance and extremism but need support, resources and information. At the heart of this new Programme is the Shared Endeavour fund which will provide grass roots civil society groups with the vital funding they need to deliver impactful, innovative and pioneering work to counter hate, intolerance and extremism in London.

On Tuesday 14th January 2020, The Mayor partnered with the think and do tank the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) and the fund has been resourced through City Hall funding which has been matched by Groundwork London is delivering the Shared Endeavour fund on behalf of The Mayor of London.

Download the Shared Endeavour Fund Prospectus.