In June 2017, this time last year terrorists  ploughed into pedestrians on London bridge, before stabbing revellers in pubs and bars in Borough Market on Saturday night killing seven people and injuring 48.

On Sunday 3rd June #TurnToLove, Faiths Forum for London and volunteers from London’s Muslim, multi-faith, women and youth honoured the victims and reaffirmed that Love and Unity will win over Terror and Hate. There was a vigil on the bridge and a prayer for each victim, by name:

“Today, we honour all the victims who lost their lives last year. People who commit acts of terror like this seek to divide us, and to instil fear and hatred. But we won’t let Terror win. Today, we stand together with our brothers and sisters of all, and no, faiths, and we #TurnToLove. Today, we show, with resounding and absolute conviction, that one year on, London is #MoreUnitedThanEver

Mustafa Field MBE, Director of Faiths Forum for London said: ” We were all shocked by the horrific attack. It is important we come together as a community and combat hate ad bigotry through love”.

The vigil including, Shaykh Misbah Yazdani of London Fatwa Council (LFC), Zahra Al-Alawi, presenter at Ahlulbayt TV and Anglican Bishop of Southwark.

Our prayers and thoughts are with all the victim’s families.

The vigil featured in major mainstream British press, including, BBC, The Sun, Sky News, Metro, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, The Independent, and ITV News.