London Resilience

London is generally a very safe place – however there are a number of hazards and threats that could impact the city such as terrorism, flooding etc. The London Resilience Forum has overall oversight of multi-agency cooperation within the London Resilience Partnership to ensure that if a major emergency does affect the capital, we are ready to respond and work together to help minimise any impacts. The London Resilience Forum brings together a range of partner including Local Authorities, Transport, and Business partners to develop and refine our capabilities to respond to whatever risks the future may bring. The Faiths Forum for London (FFL) is a member of the London Resilience Forum and leads on faith sector engagement. The following diagram highlights the structure and relationship of the London Resilience Forum.


The FFL is committed to the integration of the faith sector into emergency planning and response. Emergency tabletop exercises are integral part of major emergency management. The recent Faith and Policing Conference organized by the FFL and Metropolitan Police highlighted the increasing contribution of faith groups to provide the missing links in emergency management, prevention and response. London Resilience Partnership has not always made effective use of the capabilities within the faith sector. The outcomes and learning of the session would be fed directly into the appropriate channels to improve planning of the overall London resilience operations. The exercise will provide an opportunity to lay down the ground work for emergency management, and improved coordination.