Recent tragic events in Christchurch, Sri Lanka and San Diego have shown how violent extremists are targeting faith communities. There was a moment’s silence from Father Gerard Mitchell , Trustee of Faiths Forum for London.

On Wednesday 8th May, City Hall in collaboration with Faiths Forum for London and Faith Associates brought together faith and community groups to deliver advice on practical steps that can be taken to improve safety and mitigate security risks for places of worship.

There were also presentations by Faith Associates, The Community Security Trust, Metropolitan Police and Charity Commission on the importance of preparation, being aware of your local police officers, and were signposted to the right resources.

Key points taken from the evening were preparation is essential:

  • What steps are you taking to ensure your building, event and the community is secure ?
  • How do you work with partners and the police ?
  • What are your response plans to any incident ?
  • Have you reviewed them, are they up to date ? Do the plans work ?
  • Do the plans work ?

The evening was concluded by Rajnish Kashyap, Hindu Council representative of Faiths Forum for London.