Toolkit: Community Research

Community ResearchCommunity Research Toolkit has been developed by Faith in Community Scotland and Mosaic Creative is a small training consultancy. The toolkit helps community groups to better understand the need of their community and how they might be addressed.

The toolkit can assist representatives of community groups, ideally made up of people from different ages, gender and background, to understand how they can address key issues in the community and draw accurate conclusions to what the community requires. It provides activities that community leaders can follow to build relationships and rapport with community members. This is beneficial not only for the community itself, but for future funding proposals.

As a community leader you should consider before you start using this toolkit: Why do we want to gather information about our community? What things can we do for the community? What will we do if the community prioritises needs that are beyond our capacity? How will we manage unrealistic expectations from the community? Have surveys been carried out before this one? What did they achieve? Is this survey going to benefit the community?