Literature Distribution Policy


  1. To ensure that all literature distributed at [FAITH INSTITUTION] or within any of its facilities and boundaries is for positive, legal, informative purposes only.
  2. To stop any attempt to distribute any illegal, extremist or terrorist-linked literature.
  3. To protect the reputation of the [FAITH INSTITUTION] and protect [FAITH INSTITUTION] from any harm.
  4. To ensure all requests for literature distribution by non-[FAITH INSTITUTION] persons/organisation are dealt with consistently, effectively and fairly.
  5. To specify the process for dealing with requests for literature distribution.


  1. Any organisations/persons wishing to distribute/display any literature/information (in print, electronic or any other format) at the [FAITH INSTITUTION]  property, will need to complete the External Literature Distribution Application Form and provide the following information giving as much detail as possible:
    1. Name of the organisation and the distributor.
    2. Address, phone number, charity/company registration number, email of the organisation and the person(s) distributing/displaying on their behalf.
    3. The project/purpose for which the literature/information is to be distributed/displayed.                           
    4. A written assurance that, if the permission to distribute/display is given, the only literature/information distributed/displayed will be exactly as specified in the External Literature Distribution Application Form. Such literature/information/display must only contain factually correct and legally permissible material that does not support or encourage any extremist, illegal or terrorism-related (directly or indirectly) activities or purposes.
    5. Number of individuals distributing/displaying the literature. They must be aged 18 or above.
  1. The application should be completed and submitted to the [FAITH INSTITUTION] office, at least 14 days before the proposed distribution/display date.
  2. The application will be considered by the Risk Management Sub Committee that will inform the applicant of its decision within 10 days of receiving the application.
  3. If the application is approved, the [FAITH INSTITUTION]  Office will provide the applicant with this information (by email or letter):
    1. When the literature distribution/display can take place;
    2. Details of the [FAITH INSTITUTION]  contact person on the day;
    3. Any relevant practical arrangements and any other information.
  4. All literature distributors/exhibitors must follow the instructions of their [FAITH INSTITUTION] contact person on the literature distribution/display day, particularly in relation to Health & Safety.
  5. Only adults should be carrying out the literature distribution.
  6. Coloured vests will be provided to those carrying out literature distribution so that they are easily identifiable. The [FAITH INSTITUTION] contact person will issue these.
  7. Anybody literature distribution without wearing an orange vest AND not able to present a valid approval email/letter will be asked to stop the literature distribution. If the literature distribution is not stopped, police may be called to intervene.
  8. [FAITH INSTITUTION]  Office or any member of the [FAITH INSTITUTION] may inform the Police if anyone is suspected of distributing/displaying extremist literature near the [FAITH INSTITUTION].

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