External Speaker Policy

[FAITH INSTITUTION] has the tradition of regularly welcoming visiting speakers from around the world to its mosque. Such speakers bring knowledge, guidance and spiritually uplifting speeches, enriching our events and activities and enhancing the spirituality and knowledge of our worshippers and visitors.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that this tradition, where knowledge, guidance and spirituality are disseminated, can continue safely within the bounds of law for everyone and community harmony and peace in the society are fostered.

Booking an external speaker

If you wish to invite an external speaker to the [FAITH INSTITUTION] mosque, please follow the External Speaker Booking Process given below.

The majority of external speaker requests will be straightforward and can be handled entirely by the President or his/her nominee.

However, some requests may be complex and may require referral to the Risk Management Sub Committee for further consideration. The referral process will only apply in a minority of circumstances – to events or speakers deemed to be higher-risk. This Sub Committee may refer the matter to the full Management Committee if at least two of its members request to do so.

Simple assessment of proposed external speaker(s)

Prior to the confirmation of any external speaker, the event organiser will be responsible for assessing the speaker against the following set of questions:

  • Question 1: Has the speaker previously been prevented from speaking at the [FAITH INSTITUTION] or another mosque or similar establishment or previously been known to express views that may be in breach of the Speakers’ Code of Conduct?
  • Question 2: Does the proposed title or theme of the event present a potential risk that views/opinions expressed by speakers may be in breach of the Speakers’ Code of Conduct?
  • Question 3: Is the proposed speaker/theme likely to attract attendance from individuals/groups that have previously been known to express views that may be in breach of the Speakers’ Code of Conduct?

If the answer to any of the questions is UNCLEAR OR YES:

If the event organiser still wishes to invite the speaker concerned, it is their responsibility to complete the External Speaker Referral Form with as much detail as possible and send that to the [Risk Management Sub Committee] at least three weeks before the proposed speech/event date.


  1. This policy applies to speakers addressing people not only in person, but also by any other remote broadcast or recorded media.
  2. This policy applies to all individuals, organisations and [FAITH INSTITUTION] projects using the facilities of the [FAITH INSTITUTION].
  3. It is a condition for use of the [FAITH INSTITUTION] facilities that any hirer or speaker must comply with this policy.
  4. If anyone believes that there has been or is likely to be a breach of this Policy, they may make a formal written complaint to the Management Committee.

The External Speaker Policy and approval process may be changed due to legal or other reasons. The event organiser must ensure that they are complying with the most recent version of the Policy available from the [FAITH INSTITUTION] office.

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