External Fundraising Policy

A fundraising policy is integral for all faith institutions to ensure that all money collections/fundraising or any of its facilities are for legitimate, legal and worthy purposes/causes only.


  1. To protect [FAITH INSTITUTION] interests and ensure that [FAITH INSTITUTION]’s own fundraising is not adversely affected by external fundraising.
  2. To ensure that all money collections/fundraising at [FAITH INSTITUTION] or any of its facilities are for legitimate, legal and worthy purposes/causes only.
  3. To protect the reputation of the [FAITH INSTITUTION] and protect [FAITH INSTITUTION] from any harm.
  4. To ensure all requests for money collections/fundraising by non-[FAITH INSTITUTION] persons/organisation are dealt with fairly.
  5. To specify the process for dealing with requests for making collections or fundraising for non-[FAITH INSTITUTION] projects/external organizations by external organisations or individuals not formally connected to the [FAITH INSTITUTION].


  1. External organisations/persons wishing to collect money at the [FAITH INSTITUTION] mosque/property will need to complete the External Fundraising Application Form and provide the following information giving as much detail as possible:
    1. Name of the organisation and the collector.
    2. Address, phone number, charity registration number, email of the organisation and the person(s) collecting on their behalf.
    3. The project/purpose for which the money is to be collected.
    4. A written assurance that, if the permission to collect money is given, all money raised will be used for the specified purpose that must be worthy, legal and legitimate and no money will be raised for any illegal or terrorism-related (directly or indirectly) purposes.
    5. Number of individuals collecting the money. They must be aged 18 or above.
  2. A letter of authority from the Chief Executive/President/Chair of the organisation, specifying the collector’s (or the person leading the team of collectors) name and date of birth and the purpose of the fundraising appeal.
  3. The application should be completed and submitted to the [FAITH INSTITUTION] office, at least 14 days before the proposed collection date.
  4. The application will be considered by the Finance Sub Committee that will inform the applicant of its decision within 10 days of the application.
  5. If the application is approved, the Treasurer will provide the applicant with this information (by email or letter):
    1. When the fundraising can take place;
    2. Details of the [FAITH INSTITUTION] contact person on the day;
    3. Any relevant practical arrangements and any other information.
  6. Collectors must follow the instructions of their [FAITH INSTITUTION] contact person on the collection day, particularly in relation to Health & Safety.
  7. When carrying out fundraising, the collectors must make it clear what funds are being collected for and that it is not for [FAITH INSTITUTION].
  8. Only adults should be carrying out collections.
  9. Coloured vests will be provided to those carrying out collections so that they are easily identifiable. The [FAITH INSTITUTION] contact person will issue these.
  10. Anybody collecting money without wearing an orange vest or who is not able to present a valid approval email/letter will be asked to stop the collection.

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