Inter Faith Week, which ran from Sunday 11 November to the 18 November is dedicated to promoting understanding and cooperation between communities.

This year it couldn’t have come at a more fitting time, given we began the week by commemorating the Centenary of the First World War, which saw millions of people from different faiths and backgrounds, from Britain and beyond, unite in defence of our nation.

The week itself is all about coming together and interacting with people from different ethnicities, religions and cultures, educating each other on our beliefs. Britain is more diverse than ever before and most of us embrace the rich mix of different races, cultures, beliefs, attitudes and lifestyles.

Last week, we partnered with Twitter to provide coding workshops for girls aged between 11-13 years old from different faith schools. The workshops are designed to inspire young girls and to encourage them to pursue a career in technology, and the course was created and taught by female Twitter engineers.

Not only are these classes intended to help young girls with their future careers, they also bring people together from different backgrounds to increase understanding and cooperation between them.

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