Improving Security

Any institution may become a potential target, shattering this sense of comfort and safety. Our Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI) training is specifically designed to assist places of worship to better protect themselves, through taking a step by step approach to cover all elements of security.

In order for us to do everything we can to protect our institutions and communities, we have a responsibility to create security plans and to make security a priority and part of the culture of our institutions.

The training will take participants through a step by step approach to cover all elements of security. The training includes:

  • An introduction to security planning
  • Creating a security plan
  • Physical security
  • Explosive threat planning
  • Event security
  • Post-incident

We will also cover within the training: Emergencies, General Security Procedures, Location, Maintenance, Prayer time’s security, Entry Protocol, Incident reporting and Hate Crime.

The training is bespoke and tailored specifically to the concerns, membership and location of your faith centre and based on up to date information.

The cost of this training is free to all SFI member organisations who have undergone the health-check.