in News July 31, 2017

Grenfell Community Faith Vigil

On July 27th, local community faith leaders came together in solidarity to pay their respects and reflect on the lives lost caused by the Grenfell tower tragedy on the 14th of June.

The local faith institutions aided the community in time of need, the vigil proved that this has not rescinded. From warm clothes and food to warm hearts, faith leaders have been at the forefront of the effort and the essence of community cohesion. Their coming together represents the coming together of all despite their creeds, faiths and affiliations.

The first Grenfell vigil of its kind, this interfaith led event sought to support the local community left scarred from the incident. The event began with heartfelt prayers; patience, compassion, and closure were the central themes of the prayers with each reinforcing one another and sending across a united message of hope over anger, cohesion over division.

The speeches were positively received by the grieving and solemn community and seemed to provide some comfort in a time of raw and painful emotion. This was followed by a moment of silence and the lighting of candles in memory of the victims.

All ages, races and faiths shared and provided a light for their neighbour. Hope was provided by faith and the community come together to share and spread it.

The candles and prayers remained strong and continued throughout which sent a powerful message as the local choir sang in homage to the victims. Many in the choir had friends and loved ones fall victim to the horrors of 14th of June. Their passion of love and community was potent to all present.

Christians spoke to Imams, Muslims to Rabbis;

To quote Bishop Angaelos,

‘As those of many religions and of none, we come and stand here.’

‘I didn’t lose anyone of my own community, but I did of my wider community…regardless of our faith, our ethnicity or any of our affiliations.’

‘The fact that we stand here and we pray together is the hope that we have.’

in News July 31, 2017