Last year, we partnered with Friends of Latchmere Recreation Ground in Kingston as part of our Interfaith Tree Planting project funded by the Mayor of London. The community group is dedicated to the conservation, protection and development of the recreation ground and its peace and natural beauty for the benefit of the public and future generations. They have provided us with the following update:

I am delighted to be able to write to let you know that we have at last planted our three. Oak trees that you so generously donated to Friends of lFoLaR last year.  There were some issues for us in finding the best position for the trees on the Rec and access to water. Happily the council have now agreed to include them in their regular watering programme, and this has allowed us to choose great positions for all three trees.


In the meantime the two liquidambars have flourished over the last 9 months. They were planted near our water source as you may remember and we had an enthusiastic and loyal watering team making sure they were well looked after in the dry summer weather.


Thank you again at Faiths Forum for this generous and much appreciated gift.