in News August 8, 2017

SFI Institution, Kings Chapel hosted the Community Women’s health Project

The six week Food for Purpose –  Community Women’s Health Project has just come to an end.

Kings Chapel commissioned Food for Purpose and worked alongside the Greenwich Islamic centre. The project is supported by a grant from the Church Urban Fund and involvement of Faiths Forum.

Led by Pastor Shola Oladipo, a registered Dietitian, the Food for Purpose team and Aziza White, an experienced and dynamic life coach, the programme received very positive feedback.

The programme helped impart healthy living principles, with a member of the Muslim community agreeing that 

“Working with us on the cultural side has helped to tell us how we can do this, with our foods that we know.”

Moreover, the six week project encouraged and aided interfaith relationships.

“At least now I know I can stop and greet the sisters when we bump into each other in Woolwich…” a member of the Christian community concluded.

Pastor Shola Oladipo – CEO of Food for Purpose – summarised the project by saying:

As women from different faiths – Ill health is our common enemy …. And staying well is our common goal!

in News August 8, 2017