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Who are Faiths United Youth Network (FUYN)?

Faiths United Youth Network (FUYN) is an interfaith youth organisation that was originally formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as the ‘youth faction’ of Faiths United (Click HERE to find out more about Faiths United). At present, they work as an interfaith alliance, creating social action projects that seek to provide sustainable solutions to societal issues that matter most to today’s youth. 

They represent young people from all faiths and none aged 18-30. At present they have Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Baha’i, Zoroastrian, Sikh, Hindu and Humanist members (Click HERE to join the network). 


What are some of the initiatives FUYN are currently working on & how is FUYN structured?

  • Spiritual, mental and emotional support are essential to all generations. The FUYN Pastoral Care team create innovative projects that promote self-awareness and wellbeing. Currently, the Pastoral Care Team are facilitating the FUYN JOY (Joining Old & Young) Project. The aim of the project is to promote an intergenerational dialogue that fosters a united vision between participants, reduce loneliness felt by both young and old, and to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and wisdom from experience.

  • The FUYN Media & Marketing Team produce engaging content, educating the FUYN audience on key social issues affecting today’s youth. The team run exciting social media campaigns, control all FUYN social media presence and function as an essential FUYN support network, coordinating the online marketing for all FUYN projects. The primary role of the M&M team is to taste delicious and to make FUYN’s voice heard! The Media & Marketing team also run the famous FUYN Well-being Wednesday webinar series and organize other exciting events throughout the year. The team are most proud of running an educational social media campaign in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. They shared recommended resources for learning about the movement (e.g. books and films), created an Instagram-friendly timeline of African-American history, and compiled quotes from multiple different faith groups that discuss racism and the combating of anti-blackness (visit the FUYN social media pages for more info).

  • The FUYN Listen Up! Team function as the social action ‘immediate response’ squad within FUYN. Should issues of concern take place around the world that require immediate attention, the Listen Up! Team are on hand to create effective awareness campaigns, organize online webinars or any other necessary actions to engage the issue while it’s hot, maximizing reach and amplifying the FUYN message of love, hope and togetherness while people have their ears wide open to a particular issue.


Can we have a taste of their work?