Workshop – Refugees: Home, Homeless, Destitution and Survival


*There will be up to 12 workshops across the day, with 3-4 at one time, with different themes
*You can attend any discussion workshop or any theme. You can swap between one theme and another if you want (though please don’t swap during workshops as it will disturb other participants).

To book email Sarah@reap.org.uk your name, organisation, role and access needs and a direct email.


9.30 Conference Registration

10.00 Conference Plenary ‘What is “Refuge”?’

10.50 approx (times TBC) Workshop One (early AM) Topics of other workshops throughout the day include: Language and Interpreting – English, interpreting, integration: Mental and Emotional Health – Refugees’ Rights & Entitlements/Transforming access/Our role in Wellbeing: Supporting the Supporters (The Way Ahead/HEAR) : From Hate to Refuge: Other ideas welcome

11.30am Approx

Home Homelessness Destitution and Survival

This workshop is designed as an opportunity to build on earlier networking and discussions between West London and Pan-London organisations that work in West London, most recently on 24th January 2017, with HEAR and REAP, at CAIA in Acton. It is for any group or person interested in supporting asylum-seekers and refugees (AS&R) who are struggling with homelessness directly, including refused asylum-seekers / NRPF, or groups that find themselves working with growing numbers of AS&R, or who want to expand their support to AS&R. If your work includes providing services and support around accommodation, homelessness, destitution or basic support such as food, clothing etc. this is a place to meet other people, share information and experiences, update your contacts and increase your ability to form alliances and collaborative activities, from referral to joint working and funding. The workshop is also for those organisations who cannot provide such support themselves but whose service users or beneficiaries are in need of such support.

From 24th Jan: “Having a safe and secure roof over one’s head, enough money for the most basic essentials, and enough food and clothing to keep warm, dry and healthy are the most basic needs for everyone. When providing such services and support for refugees, or working with those in need of such support, it is vital to know who is doing what, where, and how support can be accessed and by whom. This workshop will provide an opportunity to network, share information, gain more knowledge about what is being provided and where the gaps are, in order to promote collaboration for better service provision.

1.00 – 2.00 Lunch

2.00 – 2.15 Intro

2.15 – 3.15 Further Workshops, close with Cream Tea at 4pm, REAP AGM 5pm