Noise Makers. Cause Makers. Change Makers.

The Tomlinson Centre, Queensbridge Road





Want to hear first-hand stories from inspiring social activists, vloggers and influencers? Want to learn how to build and develop a digital creative network with the people in the know? Then our Change Summit may be right for you.

We’re the UK’s leading communications hub for social activists and we’ve created a free summit for change makers like you. We want to help you get cutting-edge insight into the media industry and develop your professional skills.

Come join us and hear young social activists Ali ‘Official’ Shaholom & Rabia Nasimi (TBC) speak out about making, changing and owning the social media game.


Do you want to better your community? Do you want to improve your digital skills? Do you want to share your story? If so we want you, the next generation of change makers, to get involved so you can develop your opportunities and networking skills to promote your passions.

To skill up for the future reserve your free place at aya@faithsforum.com (We’ll even cover your travel expenses).

Programme outline

10:00 – Introductory Address

10:15 – Control Your Comms: Method + Action = Result

10:45 – Fundamental Aspects of Strong Comms

  • Messaging – Define, package and deliver Your Voice
  • Timing – Judge when to hold fire; know what to prepare
  • Audience – Getting your voice heard by the Right People

11:45 – [Guest Speaker] Communications Strategy

12:10 – Task / Breakout Groups – Designing Your Comms Strategy

13:00 – Networking and Lunch

14:00 – Mastering Social Media

  • Know Your Channels
  • Prepare Your Tools
  • Win Your Audiences

15.00 – [Guest Speaker] Social Media

15:20 – Task / Breakout Groups – Designing Your Social Media Campaign

16:20 – Task – Team Presentations

17:00 – Closing remarks

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