in News July 19, 2017

Empowering Women: A Faith-Based Approach

This event on the 17th July led by Global One and Faiths Forum for London set out to discuss the way women are depicted in Abrahamic scriptures and how this can be used to empower women. Global One is a charity led by women with the aim of getting more women into positions of leadership in the non-profit sector; focusing on Muslim women as they are often side-lined. This event was particularly important as it was organised by women for women.

Shola Oladipo from King’s Chapel gave the Christian perspective and evaluated the story of Mary. Her bravery, mental strength and fortitude amongst controversy were brought into a modern day context where we concluded that these traits are ideals we should aim to adopt in our everyday lives. Shola went on to describe how women are ‘incubators of creativity’ due to the ability to bear children, which gives them compassion and courage.

Dr Yasmin Khan from Global One chose the story of Hajra (the wife of Abraham) to depict women in Islamic scripture. Dr Khan gave five practical takeaways from the story which included how Hajra placed all her faith in God and that the Creator’s power is not limited or transient; as the case can be with a person or place. Overall, the narrative showed the importance of perseverance and how your steps can have a wider effect; with the ecosystem benefitting from the fountain of water created in the desert for Hajra. This links to Global One’s project on public health and the toolkit created to provide a holistic approach of the issues faced by women and children around the world.

A scripture reasoning session followed in which we split into 2 groups and read and discussed the story of Moses as seen in the Quran and parts of The Old Testament. We drew out the similarities in the descriptions, as both depicted the strength of women, the faith they entrusted in God and the importance of the bond between mother and child.

The event gave an invaluable insight into the role and portrayal of women in scriptures; something I, perhaps naively, did not think was as evident as the role of men. Strength, courage, determination and belief were key characteristics brought out, core traits that us women should actively try to embrace and embody, as there are stories within scriptures to look to and empower us. Overall, the role of women transcends the realms of different faiths as we all hold common ground and should continue to strive to better ourselves and society.



in News July 19, 2017