in News March 12, 2019

Next Generation of Female Leaders visit Downing Street

As part of International Women’s Day celebrations, on Friday 8th March 15 girls aged 15-20 were invited to make a visit to 10 Downing Street, the office of the UK Prime Minister.

The Downing Street visit consisted of a tour of the historic building, including a visit to the private office of the Prime Minister, followed by a meeting with senior policy and specialist advisers. Among other issues discussed with advisors at the meeting, the girls shared their views on the Race Disparity Audit, discussed specific issues affecting young people such as youth unemployment, and raised the idea of establishing mentorship schemes between the corporate world and grass root communities. During the meeting, the girls were encouraged to be active within their local communities, for example, to write to local press on specific issues affecting them.

The girls were residents of the North Kensington area, which was affected by the Grenfell tragedy. Many of them had seen first-hand the extent of the destruction caused by the tragedy, as well as the damage that the disaster caused within their own communities. The visit was an opportunity for the girls to voices their ideas and concerns to policy makers, and a chance for them to influence and help shape public policy decisions. For many of the girls, this was also their first experience being at the heart of Government, and it is hoped that many of them will draw inspiration from these experiences to seek out leadership roles and opportunities in the future.

The visit to Downing Street was part of the Faith Forum’s Women’s Leadership Programme, which seeks to provide support and development for young women to empower them to work both in their community and into wider civic society. Female voices can often be marginalised within the leadership of faith communities. However, as part of the Programme, girls are provided with leadership training which they can then bring back into their communities to establish a strong female leadership presence and act as a voice for other young women within their communities.


in News March 12, 2019