Faiths Forum for London facilitated a community discussion on Organ Donation within the Muslim community at Al Manaar Mosque, as part of a wider project with the NHS Blood & Transplant. This project comes as there is an expected change of law to an opt out system in 2020.
Information advice and guidance was provided by medical and religious experts. Specialist nurse, Dr Agimol provided guidance around the basics of organ donation as well as statistics on the need for more diverse donors.
Consultant transplant surgeon Dr. Ismail Muhammed gave some clarification on some of the common misconceptions around organ donation. Particularly, in relation to how death is determined and how organs are assigned. Shaykh Yunus Dudhwala, who is the head Chaplain at Barts Hospital provided some guidance around different Islamic rulings around Organ Donation.
The event under packed some of the main misconceptions around organ donation and the importance of raising awareness.