Today we had two great speakers. The first speaker was Warwick Hawkins who was an ex-Civil Servant. As a Civil Servant myself, it was very exciting to meet an individual who has been in my career path for 28 years. He really showed to be someone with great experience, knowledge, and ambition in life and I really thought it was insightful for him to really break down and explain to the rest how the Civil Service works. He gave us a talk about how to apply for funding and gave us very important advice on how to go about the process as young people to pitch our ideas and campaigns to those of authority.  

He ended with an exercise that really put the importance of preparing and planning ideas very well. We were split into two groups and was given 10 minutes to choose an issue that we felt was important to discuss with the minister of a given department. This exercise was very fun because it allowed us to really manage our time quite efficiently in being concise and picking out key points of the issue which could be clearly presented to the minister. We worked very well under pressure and quickly delegated some research to get as much information. We then had a couple of minutes to present to the minister and be ready to be asked any questions regarding our topic on the spot. This called for quick thinking and really showed us a taster of how we could plan better and succeed in pitching any ideas or issues that we may have in the future to people such as ministers and councilors etc.

Our second speaker was by far one of the greatest and most inspirational of the week. Her name was Roohi Hasan and she is a senior journalist who really shared her motivating story of how she persisted and persevered to get to where she is now. I think her honesty and passion was really visible in her talk today, which really moved us all. The greatest advice that I can recall that was kindly given by her today was to never take no for an answer. She said that there will always be obstacles and rejection in life, what you do to try and overcome these obstacles is a reflection of you. She emphasised that with passion for whatever it is you want in life, you will succeed. Even if the odds are against you. It was honestly inspirational and really was the best way to end the great series of talks.