Day 2 of the programme, we had the privilege of going to a political party HQ where I found myself captivated in listening to the work that various young Councillors, have carried out in their boroughs and understanding the structure of councils. I was inspired listening to Humaira, who is only two years older than me and already immersed in her career as a Councillor.

I enjoyed learning about different perspectives from both parties and I was surprised by the trade-off Councillors must make between their parties and constituencies. I also enjoyed the opportunity to work in teams to create a campaign, which allowed us to exercise the people skills that we learned the previous day like asking each other questions based on our strengths to ensure that we work most effectively as a team!

My highlight of the day was discovering that Haider had worked on a campaign called Turn to Love which reached millions of people world-wide. It was such an honour to be able to listen to the strategy’s they used that will support us in our campaigns and future careers.

Really looking forward to learning more skills this week!

Written by Sophie Arias.