Critical Thinking

Young people, particularly those of faith groups need to be equipped with various set of skills and to enhance and reinforce their role. This initiative will give them the skills to engage with debate, look at issues more holistically and counteract negative viewpoints.

The Critical Thinking Programme looks to develop the ability of young people in places of worship to debate, challenge negative thinking and championing new ideas and ways of learning.

The project will train a network of Faith and Civic Leaders on the basics of debating, encourage critical thinking and how to facilitate workshops.

This training will be in the form of a weekend residential, taking place sometime early 2017.  The residential training will cover the various skills such as:

  • Public speaking
  • Encouraging critical thinking
  • Debate
  • Workshop facilitation

The residential will allow participants to build connections with other of different backgrounds and faiths interested in supporting young people to think more critically.

The participants then will be supported to go out into their respective communities in Britain to carry out debate training on the ground.

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