in News May 20, 2017

Ramadan 2017: Advice & Awareness

Check out this Ramadan advice sheet for information about: The month of Ramadan,  Creating awareness, Health & safety, Client relationships, Flexible working, and Annual Leave. Advice sheet created by the Association of Muslim Lawyers. Read more

in News April 26, 2017

The Pope’s Visit to Cairo is a Message of Interfaith Unity

When Pope Francis visits Cairo this month he’ll be achieving two very welcome things: a sense of solidarity with Egyptian Christians following the deadly terror attacks on Coptic churches on Palm Sunday; and increased unity between Christians and Muslims in the country. The Pope will be reaching out to not only members of the Muslim… Read more

in News March 29, 2017

A prayer as we move forward with Brexit

Five faith representatives (Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian) have prepared a bespoke prayer designed to work across their faiths in an effort to reassure communities as we move forward with Brexit. As the Prime Minister triggers the official start of the Brexit process, the five representatives are encouraging their communities to love, rather than fear,… Read more

in News March 27, 2017

Westminster terror attack – Our diversity is our strength

It was just another normal day in the office, until colleagues read a Breaking News story online: “Parliament shooting: Police officer and another man shot outside House of Commons”.  We followed the live news all afternoon, until it was then confirmed that this was a terror attack, at the heart of  our democracy. As the day… Read more