in News June 23, 2017


Refugee Week Reminds Us of Our Common Humanity

It’s Refugee Week in the UK and around the world. It takes place every year either side of World Refugee Day on the 20 June. In Britain, organisers state the week is ‘a nationwide programme of arts, cultural and educational events that celebrate the contribution of refugees to the UK, and encourages a better understanding between… Read more

in News June 16, 2017


A statement from Faiths Forum for London Council

As London faith representatives, our united minds, hearts and prayers are with everyone in Grenfell Tower and with the families and friends of all those, who are impacted. Our deep gratitude to the emergency services, who continue to respond swiftly. We are also with all those from faith networks and communities, who are working tirelessly… Read more

in News May 26, 2017


A letter to the people of Manchester

You are not alone. People of all faiths and none, all over Britain, are with you today, tomorrow and in the days to come. You are in our hearts. You are in our prayers. The attack on some of your most innocent and vulnerable citizens has appalled us all.  Terrorism has no place in our… Read more

in News May 20, 2017

Ramadan 2017: Advice & Awareness

Check out this Ramadan advice sheet for information about: The month of Ramadan,  Creating awareness, Health & safety, Client relationships, Flexible working, and Annual Leave. Advice sheet created by the Association of Muslim Lawyers. Read more