Developing People

in News September 11, 2017

How e-maktab can help your Madrassa

What is it?  E-maktab is an Online Student Management System, built for Maktabs & Madrassas to simplify data such as student information, assignments and grading and spend more time doing what really matters, teaching. How does it work? STEP 1: Create or upload CSV ( see Teacher CSV section) teachers first. Repeat step until all teachers have been created. STEP… Read more

in News September 7, 2017

The FSI’s next series of 1.5 hour Fundraising webinars is open for booking

Following FSI’s recent announcement of the launch of the Small Charity Training Programme, supported by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, they are offering the next series of 1.5 hour webinars. These online learning opportunities focus on a variety of essential fundraising topics to help support your organisation. Please note, spaces are limited to 20 attendees per… Read more