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in News May 10, 2017

New Grant to host a Big Iftar

Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI) along with the International Centre for Integration & Cohesion (ICIC) are offering Grants of up to £500 for Faith Institutions to organise a Big Iftar event in their community, this Ramadan 2017 which runs from May 27th – June 25th (days vary depending on sighting of the moon).   What is The Big Iftar? The Big… Read more

in News March 17, 2017


We teach our children not to speak to strangers

This generation is a lot more tech aware, from tablets to smartphones, the National Literacy Trust has found that 86% of school-age children own a mobile phone. There is no doubting the benefits of the instantaneous nature of today’s technology; it is a means for parents to keep up with their children’s’ whereabouts. More so,… Read more