in News July 20, 2018

How to safeguard your charity and implement due diligence procedures

Trustees are the custodians of their charities and are legally responsible for implementing due diligence procedures to protect the charity, which includes maintaining finances through robust controls. Furthermore, it is imperative for charities to know who is donating to them and who is working for them as some charities can be exploited and abused by… Read more

in News July 12, 2018

Civic and Democracy Leadership Programme

National Democracy Week Blog Faiths Forum launched its first ever Democracy Week campaign, the Civic and Democracy Leadership Programme, encompassing various workshops to enhance and expand young people’s arsenal of skills whilst also addressing issues critical to society. 25 university students and graduates developed their leadership skills from experts in their field and expressed their… Read more

in News July 5, 2018

Democracy Week 2018: Fighting Apathy And Making Your Voice Heard

Whether or not you agree with the results, the most significant political events of the past three years have been a consequence of grassroots political movements. Brexit, Trump and even the Labour Party’s surge in the 2017 General Election were all startling reactions to the status quo, brought about by supporters who campaigned for something… Read more