in News December 9, 2016

#LondonUnited: London’s Church Leaders Unite with Deputy Mayor to Combat Intolerance

Is your church/faith/group doing something to show hospitality to migrants/refugees? Use #LondonUnited to show we stand against intolerance. London’s Church Leaders launched a new campaign in response to the ongoing refugee crisis, and following continued reports of intolerance and heightened tension in the wake of the EU Referendum. #LondonUnited encourages churches representing the capital’s different… Read more

in News December 6, 2016

Mayor of London - draft Police and Crime Plan

Launch of the draft Police and Crime Plan by London Mayor

The Mayor of London and the Deputy Mayor for policing and crime have launched the draft Police and Crime Plan for London. This draft details the Mayor’s plan in making London a safer city for all Londoners, and his commitment to ending the postcode lottery in public safety, which means a focus on tackling problems of particular… Read more

in News November 30, 2016

Remember those brave imams who condemn Daesh

As Daesh sees the territory it illegally seized taken back, we should pause to salute those imams around the world who have risked their own personal safety to condemn these terrorist thugs. It’s often forgotten that Daesh has issued death threats against imams by name in the United States and Europe because they have condemned… Read more

in News November 28, 2016

Doomed Isis seeks to make its mark on history another way

Doomed Isis seeks to make its mark on history another way – by taking sledgehammers to ancient ruins outside of Mosul Secretly it also loots whatever it can sell from the ancient town of Nimrud on the global antiquities black market to make fast cash Iraqi forces retook the ancient town of Nimrud in recent… Read more

in News November 22, 2016

Introduction to Social Culture of Britain

Introduction to Social Culture in Britain is an educational project for young refugees aged 16-26 focusing on refugees from Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, but open to all refugees regardless of their country of origin. This project -an initiative of Joseph Interfaith Foundation– was launched on 17th November 2016 at the House of Lords, and was attended by religious… Read more