in News February 8, 2017

Interfaith tree planting with MADE

As part of the Climate Coalition’s “Show the Love” campaign, 40 teenage boys and girls from Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith schools came together to plant saplings at the Woodland’s Trust Heartwood Forest in St. Albans. The event was led by MADE (Muslim Action for Development and the Environment), a charity that enables and inspires… Read more

in News February 4, 2017


#LondonIsOne is a campaign that was set up in light of the recent events in Quebec, and the immigration ban in the USA. It brought together Londoners to form a human chain around Wightman Road Mosque, on Friday 3rd February 2017. The event was organised by Reform Judaism, Islamic Society of Britain, Christian Muslim Forum, Hope not Hate… Read more

in News February 1, 2017

How to be media savvy

In the developing world, each and every individual is becoming more engaged with the digital world and its needs. Though businesses and other organisations have the resources to fund and understand how to best utilise this space, it has been incredibly difficult for such resources to be funded for by faith based institutions. As there… Read more

in News January 24, 2017

Registering, Managing, and Accessing Funding for Your Faith Charity

The Charity Commission teamed up with Strengthening Faith Institutions and delivered a workshop on: ‘Registering, Managing, and Accessing Funding for Your Faith Charity.’ The workshop provided guidance on how to register your faith institution with the Charity Commission, ways to manage your charity effectively, and how to gain funders’ support. It was a successful event… Read more