in News November 12, 2018

Things You Didn’t Know About World War 1

Sunday marked the centenary for World War 1 Armistice and you probably saw a lot of information about The Great War online, as well as heard a lot of similar stories being told. Here at Faith Forums, we thought we’d do something a little different and dig up some untold stories from deep in the… Read more

in News November 5, 2018

London’s Muslim Community organises Europe’s largest Muslim March Against Terror and Hate

On Sunday 4th of November 2018, thousands of London’s Muslims and Londoners from other faiths united at Marble Arch to send a strong signal that Muslims and non-Muslims stand together to defeat hatred and terror through love and unity. The march was held  during the commemoration of Arbaeen, which is one of Islam’s most important religious events, commemorating the death… Read more

in News October 25, 2018

Why Black History Month Matters Across Faiths

This month, up and down the country, lessons, seminars, events and performances will celebrate the contribution of the Black community in the UK, as well as reflect on the cultures and histories. As a British society, there is a unique understanding of how diversity enhances national culture, therefore; Black History Month should matter to people… Read more

in News October 24, 2018

Interfaith Week 2018

This year Interfaith Week falls on 11th – 18th November 2018. Inter Faith Week will usually begin on Remembrance Sunday, and run until the following Sunday. It is hoped that the additional Sunday will provide the opportunity for other weekend events to take place as well as those linked to Remembrance Sunday, this year the… Read more