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Brussels Statement – 23/03/2016

Our deepest condolences are with the families and friends of the victims of the Brussels bombings this morning and similar horrors unleashed on innocent people in Istanbul and Ankara last week.

We are horrified by what has happened in recent weeks, and Britain’s faith communities are united in condemnation against these appalling acts. The perpetrators do not represent anybody but themselves, and unfortunately events such as these often result in an increase in racial and religious hate crimes. We urge all communities to stand firm with compassion and solidarity, and to not engage in hateful or divisive language. We must not let terrorists divide us.

The police and security services do an incredible job working tirelessly to keep us safe. As members of Britain’s faith communities we applaud their work, and call for a fully engaged and integrated approach to tackling all forms of terrorism, violence and hatred.


Jasvir Singh Co-Chair Faiths Forum for London
Paul Wright Co-Chair Faiths Forum for London
Leonie Lewis Vice Chair Faiths Forum for London
Ifath Nawaz Vice Chair Faiths Forum for London
Natubhai Shah Vice Chair Faiths Forum for London
John Hawkins Archdeacon Hampstread
Revd Kumar Rajagopalan London Baptist Association
Nick Coke Salvation Army
Rajnish Kashyap FFL Council Member
Shaikh Talat FFL Council Member
Dilowar Khan FFL Council Member
Deesha Chadha FFL Council Member
Zubair Muhammadi Afghan Islamic Cultural Centre
Zileyh Shah Al Quaim
Adil Mohammed Javed Alchemy Arts
Abul Hussian Alhikmah School
Sayed Yousif Al-Khoei OBE Al-Khoei Foundation
Mohsen Al-Khoei Al-Khoei Foundation
Raheed Salam, Director All Faiths and None
Sayyid Fadhil Bahrululoom Alridha Foundation
Sayyid Amir Bahrululoom Alridha Foundation
Shaz Manir, CEO Amirah Foundation
Sayed Zafar Abbas Anjuman e Husainiyah, Newcastle upon Tyne
Stuart Andrew MP, Chair APPG on Islamophobia
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Co-Chair APPG on Islamophobia
Wes Streeting MP, Co-Chair APPG on Islamophobia
Khalid Mahmood MP, Co-Chair APPG on Islamophobia
Hayyan Ayaz Bhabha, Secretary APPG on Islamophobia
Paul Salahuddin Armstrong, Co-Director Association of British Muslims
Ashfaque Chowdhury Association of Muslim Schools UK
Shakil Ahmed Ayesha Community School
Ruksana Shain
Dr Chris Allen Birmingham City University
Mohamed Siddiq Jaffer British Muslim
Allama Ahmad Nisar Beg Qadri British Muslim Forum / Central Association of Sunni Muslims UK
Arshad Ashraf, Director British Muslim TV
Muhbeen Hussain, Director British Muslim Youth
Prof. Syed Shah Central Association of Sunni Muslims UK & Overseas
Mrs Hifsa Haroon-Iqbal MBE DL Chase Against Crimes of Hate (CACH)
Mohammed Amin, Chairman Conservative Muslim Forum
Karim Sacoor, Interfaith & Intra-faith Activist, and Independent Member Cross Government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred
Akeela Ahmed, Independent Member Cross Government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred
Iftikhar Awan, Chair, Independent Members Cross Government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred
Shermeen Butt, Independent Member Cross Government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred
Dr. Imran Awan, Associate Prof, Birmingham City University, and Independent Member Cross Government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred
Iqbal Bhana OBE DL Deputy Lord Lieutenant, West Yorkshire
Dr. Khurshid Ahmed CBE, Chairman Dudley Muslim Association
Aina Khan, Head of Islamic Department, Duncan Lewis Solicitors
Mustafa Field, Director Faiths Forum for London
Usama Dessoky Foremost Lesiure Holding
Imam Ghulam Rasool, Executive Director Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust UK
Nick Lowles Hope Not Hate
Ali Jaffri Idara-e-Jaaferiya
Hassen Rasool ILM Entertainment
Nasar Iqbal, Founder Innovate Walsall
Jaffar Saraj Innovative Muslim Minds
Fahim Mazhary Interfaith Activist
Dr Hussain Alsaffar Iraqi Community of Manchester
Yasser Alaskary Iraqi Prospect Organisation
Khalid Mohammed Iraqi Youth Club
Dr Mohammad Ehsan Rangiha Islamic Unity Society
Salim Janmohamed, Member Ismaili Community UK
Gul Muhammad Jamia al Karam
Imam Hafiz Dilpazir Jam e Masjid Hazrat Sahib Birmingham
Hafid Sadon KCL
Sarah Dickson, Director Liberal Democrat Christian Forum
Dr. Mohammad Mozaffari Leeds Muslim Youth Group
Qari Muhammad Asim, Imam Makkah Mosque Leeds
Moulana Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti Markazi Jamat e Ahe Sunnat UK
Shaykh Talat, Chairman MCEC, Palmers Green Mosque
Sarfraz Khan Medical Doctor
Ali Al Fayez Member of Bahraini Opposition in UK
Haider Alkhateeb Middlesex University
Suhaib Saqib Movement for Peace
Belgacem Kahlalech Muslim Welfare House
Dilwar Hussain New Horizons
Julie Siddiqi, Co-chair Nisa-Nashim Jewish and Muslim Women’s Network
Laura Marks, Co-chair Nisa-Nashim Jewish and Muslim Women’s Network
Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli Noor Trust
Aamer Naem, CEO Penny Appeal
Taki Jaffer Portsmouth Interfaith Forum
Dawood Masood, CEO & Founder Quba Trust and Social and Youth Minister at Al Hira Educational and Cultural Centre, Luton
Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive Ramadhan Foundation
Shaykh Muhammad Umar ibn Ramadhan, Chairman, Ramadhan Foundation, and senior member of Markazi Jamati Ahli Sunnat UK & Overseas
Ahmed al-Haradji Red Zone Films
Dr Waqar Azmi OBE, Chairman Remembering Srebrenica
Syed Zaidi S I Education Society
Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi, Director General Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society
Aatif Khan Shia Professionals of London
Dr. Mohammad Shahid Raza OBE The British Muslim Forum
Moulana Ali Raza Rizvi, Senior Imam and Founder The Saviour Foundation
Dr. Abbas Imami Turkmen Human Rights Organisation
Hammad Khan, Presenter Voice of Islam, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Tamina Mir, Director Women Buzz
Sayyed-Mohammed Al-Musawi World Ahlul Bayt League (WABIL)
A Ameir Al-Mukhtar
A. Abedi
Afzal Khan MEP
Aisha Ali-Khan
Ali Bakir
Ali Sheikh
Ammar Abbas
Anser Rizvi
Ansir Ahmed
Arif Aljawaheri
Duaa Anwar
Henna Haider
Humayune Khalick
Jean Aziz
Kamran Shah
Kohinoor Choudhury
Lady Shaida Sheikh
Mohamedali Gokal
Mojtaba Masood
Omar Alsakban
Rana Kassem
Safa Shimirty
Sajad Al-Hairi
Sajid Shah
Sarmad Al-Saad
Subhan Hisbani
Taqi Rizvi
Zainem Shah

in News March 23, 2016