Tuesday 30th May saw the launch of The Big Iftar 2017 at Westminster Academy, hosted by Faiths Forum for London. The Academy is a central London secondary school, also known as Sir Naim Dangoor centre, a British-naturalised Iraqi-born Jewish entrepreneur and philanthropist.

We were honoured to have his son David Dangoor attend, who spoke about the importance of coming together as diverse communities.


The Big Iftar initiative started in 2012 inspired by the London Olympics, which fell on Ramadan. It was a way of encouraging Muslims to open up and introduce Ramadan and Iftar to people of all faiths and backgrounds.

The Big Iftar is open to anyone, whether you are a Muslim, someone from another faith or of no faith you are welcome to participate. Whether you are an individual, an organisation, a youth group, a teacher or someone representing a place of worship – you can join in by either organising your own Big Iftar event or attending something organised by others.

The events are community-led and enable people from diverse backgrounds to meet and enjoy traditional and delicious food in an atmosphere of friendship and hospitality.

For more photos from the evening click here.